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Try It Before You Buy It Policy

Buying wheelchair accessible vehicles takes some homework. There are many pieces to the puzzle and sometimes you may not even know what pieces are the most important until the van is in your garage! That why we at MITS of Virginia abide by the “Try It Before You Buy It’ principle. Visiting out lot is great; you can see all of the different type and styles of vans available from over 4 different conversion companies. You can even get in them and take a demo drive which we highly recommend. However nothing can take the place of driving it home, parking it in your driveway or garage, getting in and out of the vehicle at your own pace, feeling comfortable with the control switches, loading it with the necessary items that are needed for your daily travels and making sure it will provide you with the best mobility solutions for your lifestyle. This can only be done with our exclusive “Try It Before You Buy It” credo. Can’t visit our location, no worries, many of our clients are first time buyers and have no adequate transportation means to travel, hence the need for an accessible van. Just call one of our Mobile Lifestyle advisors and set up a time for us to bring the van to you. Simple and covenants, just the way purchasing a vehicle should be.