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Pickup and Loaner Service

MITS of Virginia is one of a SELECT GOUP of mobility dealers that offer SERVICE CONTRACTS for all sales to individuals within our service area. What this means for you, the purchaser of a pre-owned van, is greater peace of mind and a great deal of savings. Vans breakdown, pre-owned vans develop quirks, parts fail, batteries go dead, all these problems cost you money and headache. Our solution for these problems and many other maintenance cost associated with owning a highly modified vehicle is our Service Contracts. Your options abound. You can select coverage for your mobility conversion only, your chassis only or a combination of both. One, two or even three year coverage is available. You can rest assured that with a MITS Service Contract your mechanical troubles will be handled efficiently and cost effectively, (maybe even free!) and you never have to leave your home. We handle the pickup and delivery to and from your home, leave you a loaner so you always have transportation and you save money with a lower labor rate when repairs are not covered. How convenient is that? Call Dana Edson today and ask how you can sign up for this exclusive service on you existing van or add it to your upcoming purchase.

*NOTE: only available for in state residents of wheelchair accessible vans. This service is not a Warranty and requires a van evaluation by our service Technicians.