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Service and Reputation

MITS of Virginia has been solving mobility challenges for over 20 years. Our goal of finding the correct solution for your particular situation has been the hallmark of our sales and service department. The National Mobile Equipment Dealers Association ( has ranked us in the top echelon of dealers for over 20 years and we are proud to be a “QAP” dealer under the NMEDA guidelines. What this means to you is a service location that meets all guidelines set forth by both manufactures and distributors of the many models and types of mobility equipment that we sell and service. We have been warranty service centers for many of the conversion companies like BRAUN, VMI, FREEDOM MOTORS, AMS, ROLEX, BRUNO, PRIDE, VIEGEL, HARMAR, GOLDEN, REV ABILITY, RICON, EZ LOCK, Q STRAINT, as well as certification for servicing many brand names that are no longer in business such as VISION MOTORS, and IMS. We never refuse to service vehicles that we have not sold and will work with other manufactures to gain the knowledge and information needed to handle those special situations of unique and limited production units like LONE STAR, AMT and MV1. We share shop facilities with Rohr Bus’s Virginia headquarters and have worked extensively with commercial and fleet managers of regional bus lines and commercial transportation companies. If you are looking for a new service partner, give us a try. You will be glad you did!