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Rear Entry Vans Options

Rear Entry Lowered Floor Minivans

  • The lowered floor channel gives a straight shot in and a straight shot out for wheelchairs. This is sometimes easier for the caregiver.
  • A long channel gives added length for wheelchair needs
Best Uses
  • Manual Chairs
  • Long Chairs (especially manual)
  • Those with Stiff Legs
  1. Height – If the clients height sitting in a wheelchair is over 52”, an ADA Door is needed which gives 54”of entrance height. Height can be a limiting factory.
  2. Width of Wheelchair - The rear entrance offers wheelchair width advantages – up to 34”. There are even a few 36” ones out there, but only in year models reaching back to about 2012. Even then, there is a variance in the widths, so don’t assume a rear entry you are looking at is wider than 30”.
  • The individual is in a wide Power Chair. The casters get stuck when switching directions.
  • The person in the wheelchair is uneasy about going down a ramp backwards
  • The person cannot fit under a 54” entrance easily while in their chair
  • Two adults or larger youth will need to ride in the back with the person in the wheelchair.

More and More who are diagnosed with ALS are finding that rear entries are more accommodating than side entries because of the progression of the disease and the length of the wheelchair. This is true even if they are in a power wheelchair. Contact MITS of Virginia to learn more

  1. For most backing out in a power wheelchair is a scary and frustrating experience. The wheel chambers get caught on the sides of the channel. Backing down a ramp backwards, not being able to see is an uneasy feeling.
  2. Backing a wheelchair out in a parking lot is not safe without a spotter or without learning a few tricks. Please ask us at MITS how this can be done safely.